Publishing research on the cost-effectiveness of your innovation in peer-reviewed scientific journals can greatly enhance its impact.  At Agile Outcomes Research, we pride ourselves in adeptly and efficiently meeting your deadlines and publishing high quality results. 


At Agile Outcomes Research, we work to flexibly deliver timely research findings to meet your goals.  We strive to report study results clearly and accurately.  Creative use of graphs can make all the difference in conveying results quickly to the audience.  Our goal is to deliver high quality scientific communications in a timely manner.


Analysis of the observational data often used in outcomes research is fraught with unique challenges.  These include considerations like selection bias, highly skewed cost data, missing values, and patients switching treatments during the study.  We have utilized a variety of methods to deal with these challenges, ranging from multiple regression with covariates, propensity score binning, optimal propensity score matching, instrumental variable analysis, variable transformation, two-part models, generalized linear models with gamma distributed errors,  propensity-score stratified bootstrapping, mixed models for repeated measures, non-linear growth curve models, and marginal structural models.  Let our years of experience in health outcomes research help you to identify an effective approach not only for accurately estimating the effects of your intervention, but also in communicating the results to your audience. Results of data analysis are only impactful when they are clearly understood by the intended audience. 


Data that is compelling to a clinician may not be particularly meaningful to a population based decision maker.  Different consumers of research are interested in different outcomes.  Agile Outcomes Research can help you identify the information needed to maximize the value of your healthcare intervention in the eyes of different audiences.